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Do You Want To Attract Brides Effortlessly?

A couple of years ago I launched Bombshell Academy, doing what I do best which is helping people to change and more specifically helping Wedding Suppliers to change themselves and their businesses so that they develop the business that they have always dreamt about and that doesn’t mean they have to work every minute of every day.

In the last couple of years I have helped many, many people and to celebrate this I’ve decided to re-launch the original competition that kicked the whole thing off!

So here was the original launch…….

I’ve spent the last 13 years working for myself (15 now!), some ideas have been successful, others less so but in those years I have learnt exactly what works and what doesn’t in business. By far my most successful business (so far icon smile Do You Want To Attract Brides Effortlessly? ) was my Wedding Planning business called Kiss The Frog which I sold earlier this year, mainly spurred by the fact that I was working every single weekend and having no family time at all! I DO love the wedding industry though and I enjoy its uniqueness and all the fabulous and creative people involved in it.

Unfortunately during my 6 years as a wedding planner I’ve seen lots of businesses come and go, not because the people weren’t talented or their products weren’t good, 99% of them had something truly fabulous to offer the world of weddings but their businesses failed because of their business strategy and lack of knowledge and skills.

The wedding industry is truly unique because you are constantly chasing new customers. Unlike other business strategies that encourage you to up-sell and cross-sell because its ten times easier to sell to existing customers than find new ones, this is virtually redundant when it comes to the wedding industry, not only that but unlike other industries you have a finite selling window – once the wedding date is there they will (hopefully) never need your service ever again.  That’s the bad points about selling to the wedding industry but the good part is that it’s the ultimate in ‘emotional purchasing’ ! Brides are driven almost exclusively by their emotions, even price rarely comes into the equation and if you understand this and use it to your advantage it makes the selling process a whole lot easier.

So what on earth is Wedding Wealth?

The Wedding Wealth program has been produced exclusively for the wedding industry to turn your business into something that you can make a good living from instead of barely scraping an existence from.

Wedding Wealth will cover :-

  • How to generate leads
  • How to turn your leads into paying customers
  • Confidence and the fear of rejection – Get Over It!
  • Pricing- exactly how much are your products/services worth?
  • How to ask for the sale
  • Social Media – What is it and how to get masses of business from it effortlessly
  • How to make your adverts and website really get business
  • What makes you different from everyone else
  • How to make your clients rave about you and become your free sales force.
  • The REAL reason you don’t have all the clients you want – and SIMPLE changes you can make RIGHT NOW to attract an ABUNDANCE of Brides
  • How you can make money out of the brides that you’ve already worked with over and over again
  • How to attract all the clients you want doing exactly what you love
  • How to turn Wedding Fayres into GOLDMINES of constant clients
  • How to actually make money while you sleep from brides that wouldn’t normally buy from you
  • How you can have all the clients you want and need using low cost and NO cost methods
  • Why you don’t need to spend a penny on expensive advertisement



Wedding Wealth Competition Take TWO !

To celebrate the success of my fabulous Wedding Wealth Program I am running a competition again to find 2 very lucky businesses to receive 6 months worth of free coaching, worth a massive £1500 !!!!!! YES, THATS RIGHT – £1500 !!!

This competition is HUGE and I expect many, many entries so get yours in now!

How To Enter:-

Email on  hello@bombshellacademy.com with the Subject: Competition and tell me a brief bit about you and your business and the number one problem you currently have in your business right now – thats it, as simple as that! I want to know what your biggest business challenge is so that I can really help you with it when you win this fantastic coaching program that will turn your business around.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me right now on hello@bombshellacademy.com

Competition entries will close Midnight on Easter Monday 9th April and the winners will be contacted on 10th April  so they can begin their coaching as soon as possible!


Good Luck!

Claire xoxo

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Years ago when I had one of my first businesses I realised I was always doing ok but never really great, it seemed that I would get a breakthrough and then something would happen to scupper it and this cycle continued for years. It wasn’t until I started studying NLP and become a Master Practitioner in it that I learnt to do some real soul searching about the pattern of my success…..

At the time I was in a ‘challenging’ relationship to say the least and the person I was with earnt a LOT of money and was very controlling, he helped me with training courses but when my business started doing well he resented it and it caused problems in our relationship that led to terrible arguments. I eventually realised that because of this I actually started sabotaging my OWN success! The relationship was important to me and so was my success but the two just weren’t compatible and sub-consciously I chose the relationship. It wasn’t until I really looked within myself and decided that actually my relationship was NOT how I wanted it, I wanted someone that WOULD support me and be happy for me when I succeeded and so I decided that I would really put everything into my business (by this time it was Wedding Planning) and that if my relationship was a casualty of my success then so be it…… it was!  My long term relationship (16 years!) collapsed and I ended up with a thriving business and a single life, which has turned out just perfect for me now because I am now in the fabulous position of having the man and relationship of my dreams and a successful business to boot!

The point of my long, rambling story is that sometimes you have to really look within yourself and be uncomfortably honest with yourself. Is the business empire you dream about REALLY compatible with the life and relationships you currently have? Does it mean you will have to spend less time with family and friends etc? I’ve coached people in the past that have been brought up to believe that money IS the root of all evil, how can you develop a successful business with THAT belief firmly planted in your subconscious? The truth is you can’t, you will always keep sabotaging your own success until you recognise the belief and clean it up!

So…. today, have a self assessment day! What will it take for you to achieve all your dreams and what do you see standing in the way of it? Of course you CAN have it all, its just a matter of recognising your limiting beliefs and finding the right path for you!


Claire xox


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Are All Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket?

When I begin to work with someone one of the many things I want to know is what  kind of marketing are they currently doing, and what is working (the latter is in itself a WHOLE nother blog post and I’ll come back to that one!) Often the few things they are doing include a bit of social networking (often in a haphazard, random way) and advertising in magazines (Don’t even get me started on this!)  and thats generally the extent of their marketing plan – 1 or 2 things! Over the course of our conversations I ask if they’ve tried X and Y and Z and they normally say they haven’t tried it because they didn’t think it would work, to which my response is always, ‘but how do you know it wont work unless you try it?’ How do you know that the one thing you haven’t tried is the one thing that will bring brides to you in droves ? The answer is, you don’t!

One of the scarey things about being self-employed is that you often have to step out of your comfort zone and try things that you’ve never done before. This may include business networking and walking into a room of strangers and making small talk with loads of people you’ve never met before, this may include standing up in front of loads of people and telling them all what your business is, it may include doing accounts when you’ve never been happy with maths and numbers before and it WILL include you being a saleperson I’m afraid, no matter how much you resist, if you want to be self-employed, in order to get business you HAVE to be a salesperson!

Successful marketing and successful business growth consists of moving out of your comfort zone occasionally and trying new things. If you rely on only one particular way to generate your business then what happens when this stops working? And believe me it COULD happen! Years ago a car rental company I know got 80% of their business from their Yellow Pages ad, one year the ad was printed with the wrong phone number! Overnight their sales literally dried up and there was nothing they could do about it for another year and even though their ad money was refunded that was very little help to their business! They sought the help of an expert marketer I know and survived and of course these days the Yellow Pages are pretty much obsolete so it probably did them a favour in the long run but it really illustrates how relying on just one marketing method is so risky to your business. Guess what? Its time to start thinking OUTSIDE the box?!?!!? So come on, what else could you try???


Claire xox


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